Hi y'all,

I am trying to get my new Dell Optiplex 755 machines to properly
boot using PXE, but according to the documentation I need to add
stuff to sys:\tftp\cmds\z_auto.cmd (and the other three cmd files)
(This because the NIC does not get recognized)

I have not used PXE able workstations before, so I am a little bit
"not aware" on the PXE subject.

Here is the link to the TID from Novell:


Now according to statement 3 in that document, I need to:

Assuming the files are in their default state, the 2nd line of
each file will be a very long APPEND command. In each file, at the very
end of the APPEND command, add a space and then this: newid="0x8086
Since I never used PXE before, I assume that my files are "in default
state" But the (not so) funny thing is, my files do not have "a very
long APPEND" command in them...

Here is what is in my z_auto.cmd file:


Was PXE not properly installed? Can I easily add/insert the APPEND line?
(If only I knew what that line would look like)
Is there anything else I can do to get the cmd files into "default state"?

Could somebody please shine a light on this, and tell me where things go
wrong? Any help is very much appreciated.