Hello, this one is going to sound a little weird so let me explain our environment.

We have a single eDirectory tree with a mixed environment of three OES (NW 6.5) servers and two NW 5.0 servers installed. One of the OES servers holds the Master replica and all the other servers hold R/W replicas of eDirectory.

The Master Replica OES server is our primary File Server (the other two OES servers basically are just replica holders and our internal department File server). The two NW 5.0 servers act as our primary and backup NDPS 2.x Print Servers. We have whatever the base OES install options created in the tree, but do not have any additional servers/services/applications installed beyond Netware. We use Netware Client 4.91 SP2 (?) for XP, and it is configured to login to the tree and our single context rather than a specific server.

We own about 500 pre-existing NW 5.0 server-based MLA licenses and have an ALA subscription for the OES user-based licenses. Unfortunately, we are soon going to be leaving the ALA program and so must remove the OES servers from the tree. What I need to know is the following:

1) Is it possible to replace the primary OES server with a NW 5.0 server with the same name (remove eDirectory from the OES server, take it down, then add the NW 5.0 server into the tree and designate it as the new Master) and then restore Volumes/Volume data from a tape backup to the NW 5.0 server?

What I am trying to do in effect is remove all the OES servers and replace them with NW 5.0 servers (downgrade in effect). Is this even possible with the upgraded eDirectory tree? What kind of issues would I be facing? Is there any existing procedures on doing this? If not, can someone give me a basic rundown of the tasks I'd need to do to accomplish this?

I realize this is not ideal and seems counter-productive, but the downgrade honestly would only be needed for a few months while we transition off Netware altogether. Thanks again for any and all help.