We are a School District and would like to start copying our teachers profiles to their H drive so their settings aren't lost each year when we image their machines. I have setup DLU & Roaming profiles and it seems to work fine for user1 (teacher) who is associated to have a roaming profile. The problem is that if a user1 logs out and user2 (student) logs in that is not set for DLU & does not have roaming profiles associated to that user, they then login with auto-admin login, (this is what we want) but they still have the profile of user1. If I login with user3 (teacher), then that uses roaming profile copies over user1's profile. But again, if they logout, and user2 logs in, he then gets user3's profile. Is this by design? If I implement DLU & roaming profiles, do I have to include both students and users? Of is there a way to force that profile to be cleared when the teachers logout?