Having recovered from previous patch attempts/failures and preferring to not
go through that again, I am requesting guidance on the professional opinions
of the ZEN gurus in this forum.

Our System Updates/System Update Overview displays:

Update for ZCM (10.0.2) - Requires 10.0.1 update to be applied first. See
TID 3407754 at www.novell.com/support Jan 15, 2008 as Downloaded.

We have checked our version.txt file and our registry and both indicate the
system is at the 10.0.2 level.

We have backed up the ZEN configuration and the database. (Not the
distribution files as most of them don't reside on the ZCM server anyway.)

My question is, should we be authorizing this patch or is this the patch
that has already been applied to get us to 10.0.2 and somehow has downloaded
itself again?