Hi all, I have been running dns on one server for a few yrs now and never had a hiccup until earlier this week (the first day of my long weekend and I was away from work). My dns server just out of the blue stopped forwarding requests to my isp's dns servers. I have (working remotely on this) removed and replaced all the addresses in the forwarders list, deleted and recreated the rootserver info (using dnipisnt -f) and backreved Named to version 6.05.02 (just to rule out SP7 issues), and exported and imported my zone and in-addr-arpa zone. It seems like the odd name will work (for example ping www.novell.com works once in a while and fails as often or more than it resolves. Im really at a lose as to what to try next? Nslookup generally fails as well for example www.yahoo.com (on the dns server itself) returns query failed, dns request timeout, time-out was 2 seconds, request to [dns server name] timed out, doing it a second time returns can't find www.yahoo.com: non-existant domain. Any advice? Thanks in advance