I first installed ZEN7 SP1 RElease 2 on Linux OES2.
Then I updated with ZDM7SP1_IR1_HP2_20080131.
AutoWorkstation Import does not start and wrote no Logfile.

I deinstalled all with help of dhost_uninstall.sh
I deleted all eDir entries and installed again ZDM7SP1_IR1_HP2_20080131.
But AWSI and WOL will not start and write no log.

I am installing, deinstalling and testing since one week. I read all TIDs i
found but ZEN7 for Desktops on Linux OES2 will not work!
Normally the installation should not need more than 30 minutes!
I don't know what ist wrong.
Please help and tell me which versions I have to install and what I can
delete first to get a clean system.