Exisiting network started out back in 2005 as two Netware 6.5 servers (think
sp0) and has subsequently been upgraded until the two servers are running
Netware 6.5sp7. I want to add a third server to the network. This will be
essentially a file server. I'll install Remote Manager, but aside from that,
all other services (NDPS, iManager, NetStorage, Rsync, DHCP/DNS, and the
such) are already installed on the other servers and will remain there.

My first question is, can I use CD's from the Netware 65.sp7 OS and PROD
overlays to set up this new server, or do I have to use my original Netware
6.5sp0 cd's, then immediately apply the SP7 upgrade.

As part of the above, whilst reading through this forum, I came across some
threads regarding licensing. I've reviewed the licensing in place on my
system, and I appear to have the old system. That is, within my tree, there
are two licensing objects similar to "Novell Netware 6 Server + 650" and
"Novell Netware 6 User + 650". The licences under the user object add up to
100 users, the original and still valid user requirement for my network.

I understand that the new licensing model does away with these.

1) Should I delete these old style licensing objects before or after
installing the new server?
2) If I delete the old style licensing objects, where do I get one for the
new style? Should I be able to find it on the Netware 6.5sp7 OS CD?

And lastly, in a previous thread of my own dated Feb 20, 2008, I noted that
my existing network was supporting three SDI Keys, two of which were 128bit,
and the third a 56bit. The recommendation was to delete all the exisiting
keys, then generate a new one.

And my question is, should I do this before adding the new server, or can I
do it afterwards?

I look forward to your response.