I created a new container admin (needed to update the admin name to comply
with naming "conventions" for tree) prior to installing my First OES2
server. The new Admin user was used as the administrative user for the
installation of the server into the container.

I have noticed (at first intermittent, but now more consistently) that
during use of the migfiles command that the container user is almost
useless. I get an nbackup error relating to cannot read file for nearly
every file in a directory that I try to migrate, and have fallen back to
using my user ID which seems to work just fine....

Now using BackUp Express I have found that if I use the container admin as
the EDirectory user for the backup system and browse the file system on the
new server to create a backup I can only see one or two directories in the
root of the volume where there are two ro three root folders. If i sswitch
to my user object everyting is there.

I have tried giving the container admin explicit supervisor rigths to the
server and volumes but that doesn't seem to help.

Any ideas as to what might be going on?