I have installed VPN client 3.8 on Vista (bad idea, because VPN client 3.8 dont work). To try for force to install it, I worked in compatibility mode after an error. The installation was finally "sucessfull" (but dont work).

I tried to upgrade to VPN Client 3.9sp1. It make a error message, but ... blank ! It seems however that it is not a good idea to install VPN3.9 when VPN 3.8 is installed on Vista.
I tried to uninstall VPN client 3.8 trough the Windows control panel, but it refused with the following message "Impossible to indentify OS". It was the same message that I recieved when trying to install VPN client 3.8 the first time. But I cannot uninstall in compatibility mode !!

Any idea to uninstall manually VPN client 3.8 ?

Thank a lot