I have a 4 node (NW6.5sp6) stretch cluster (V1.7). 3 nodes in head office and 1 node at our DR site. There is a HP EVA5000 at both sites. I have Netware mirroring setup on a total of 4 LUNS between the EVA's of the NSS volumes. Sites are connected via dark fibre. Failover and failback works well, I have never had a problem with our annual DR tests. Note - HP secure path (v3.0) is installed on all 4 nodes.

We have recently install HP EVA8000's at both sites. I need to migrate the LUN's from the 5000 to the 8000. Does anyone have any idea on how the best way to go about this, any reply would be appreciated. Note - Netware uses MPIO instead of Secure path on EVA8000's.