Hello all,

Slight annoyance we are currently having with zcm, we have so far installed the agent on roughly 5 out of 60 vista machines that will be rolled out soon, the agent installs correctly and the machines show up in the devices section of zcm...

First problem is that whenever the machines are rebooted they will reappear as a duplicate in the devices list with the same name - followed by a huge hex code, is there anyway to turn this off so it doesnt keep re-adding the machine and will just keep the same one, I read somewhere else in the forum that you turn the enable differentiation off or on, I have tryed this in every way and its still not working.

Another problem we are having is whenever we try to perfom a task on the machines in the device list, it will show us the "quicktask status" window appear and it will always say the status is "connection failed"... So it seems zcm cannot connect to the machines to do anything to them... This would most likely also explain why we cannot apply any group policies to the machines yet.

Any help would be appreciated...

Thanks Heaps,