Hi all

I've got one NW6.5sp6 server that is refusing to use our new DNS
resolver. I've changed 3 other NW6.5sp6 servers to the new IP without a

I've added the new IP by editing the resolv.cfg file, did a ws2_32
reload resolve at the console, tried an init system, and it is still
using the old address.

Weird thing is nslookup works fine. It's using the new address and
resolves any domains fine. But ping, nwping and more importantly GWIA
are still using the old address. I did packet captures to confirm which
IP's each were querying.

I'm not quite sure why nslookup would use the new address, but
everything else is still using the old address. I'm relucant to reboot
the server, as she's a week away from 300 days uptime - the last time I
had to shut her down was to upgrade the memory... I'd rather not reboot
for some weird bug!

Any suggestions, or should I just go ahead and reboot?