have a consultant that needs to access the console of a windows server 2003 machine...wondering what the best way to go about this would be.

generic proxy? nat?

another outside vendor has put a '03 server in here, just to run a print auditing application (our printers are outsourced; we pay by the page, via a printer accounting package that has to run on a windows box), and they set up "logmein" on it, which they use for RA; they say its fine...but that box is very lightly taxed, practically idle most of the time. I could use that, or citrix "gotomypc"...but I'm not sure of the ramifications on a "server" machine. (works great on a pc!, and is very easy to set up).

just looking for opinions, considering the tools I have.

BM 3.8

vpn is in the box, I know...but looks like a major pain to set up/configure, requires client configuration, and really, I don't need for remote people to be able to access the internal lan in its entirety; just certain services.

I already have multiple internal services set up via generic proxy, (netstorage, groupwise stuff, ifolder, etc), so I'm familiar with all that.
just thinking about "best practice" sort of stuff, irt security and all.