I'm trying to set up an iprint cluster system that is virtually identical to my current production OES SP2 setup. My intent is to test an upgrade path to OES2. My notes regarding the original cluster's creation don't specify any special order of operations after completing rug updates on the servers, so I'm just going by Novell's OES Linux documentation regarding setting up an iprint cluster. I've tried numerous times with a differing order of components, always with the same result.

My latest round followed the docs exactly. I updated red carpet first (patch-11461), then did a full "rug pin --entire-channel oes" . ~1.6GB later, I continued with the NCS setup in yast. After the setup, rcnovell-ncs status shows "running" on my first server console. I check in iManager on the server and verify that my admin account is LUM enabled, then try to check cluster status and see this error:

File Protocol error occurred: cannot open the NCS version file on the selected cluster. The Cluster software may not currently be running on this server.

I also have tried using NCS snapins with consoleone 1.3.6h, but don't see anything through that either.

I'm running everything in VMs, but had previously tried on physical nodes with the same results. My network consists of three Netware 6.5 SP7 servers holding my replicas (two DA's), these two OES SP2 patched servers, and a SLES10 SP1 server that acts as an iSCSI target for sbd and cluster resource partitions. Aside from installing patch-11461 before any other updates, I've followed the OES SP2 cluster services/iprint docs all the way to this point.

The frustrating thing is that I can't see what the differences are between a production node and these test nodes as far as patches go.