Hi everyone,

Although new in iscsi technology, not newbie in IT and definetly not newbie in NW.
I've been exploring iscsi lately. I made some tests, and of course, I did explore this forum regarding the same.

My impressions could be summarized as:

- PROS: very atractive technology in sense of simple idea, low-cost, easy setup and maintaining.
- CONS: Mr. Massimo's opinions founded on this forum against extensive use of ISCSI with Netware.

I do respect mr. Massimo's opinions indeed (as well all others contributors in Novell forums). I just wouldn't trough away this technology because neither system is perfect, or everything is good enough as much we are aware of weakness of the system.

I would say that ISCSI isn't good enough for any platform because of same reasons aplicable to Netware, or it is as good as we are using it on right way.

Intention of this post is to try to collect best practicies from different users and experts. This may results with some new Cool article or even TID on this topic available for everybody.
I am going to be first and my following post let it be some kind of introduction.
I would like mr Massimo join to this too, and summarise weakness of ISCSI NW specific.

Other interesting questions could be:
hardware platform of iscsi target
optimal size and number of disks in arrays
optimal building of pools and volumes at initiators side
things we should't do when extending each NW server storage space with ISCSI

I would invite here everybody who is willing to contribute to this topic.
Hope that this is acceptable for this forum and that moderators will not kick me out.

15+ years with NW