We're running a NetWare 6.5 SP6 (OES) server with a lott of services
(bm38sp5,gw701,gwia,webaccess,gwava4,files,zen7,ed ir8739,netshield463).
BackupExec 9.1.1158 is being used in combination with the OFO option (for
For hardware we use a HP Proliant ML350 G4 with 3Gb mem and 3x72Gb SCSI
RAID5 (HP SmartArray 641) drive configuration. The HP Ultrium448 LTO backup
unit is attached to a separate Adaptec 2932A Ultra320 SCSI card.

The backup at night runs very slow. Meaning, the backup of the local server
runs slow. SYS volume - ave. 150 MB/min, VOL1 volume - ave. 100 MB/min.
A Win2k3 server is also backed up using the BE remote agent. Database dump
files are located on this server. The c: drive is backed up with an average
speed of 380 MB/min and the d: drive 2100 Mb/min. A pretty big difference
compared to the local server ...

I've run a tsatest on the local server and the speed measured is as follows.
SYS volume - between 500 and 800 Mb/min. Turning of netshield and
backupexec increases the speed about 200 Mb. The volume VOL1 gives lower
results, however still much higher than the averages from the backup jobs.
Netshield, btw, is configured for inbound scanning only.

It seems that the NSS config is ok, looking at the tsatest results.

I want to upgrade BE to 9.2 and use the TSAFS for backin up groupwise
instead of the OFO.
I tested this scenario in a vmware test envionment, however still using the
OFO. This still doesn't give good results.

Are these delays recognizable to anyone?
Who has tips for faster backups??

Mario van Rijt
systems administrator
Muziekcentrum Eindhoven