I know(now) this is not recommended, but I got a hold of a couple of TIDs
that made it look easy so I did the setnds thingiee and that seemed to work
pretty good.

I than went to setup some iPrint stuff and was told that the certificate was
from the wrong server. Deleted the certs and recreated them from iManager
but they still had the old server name in them. Double checked DNS and it
seems to be working just fine. I can ping the server by the new name from
any workstation.

when I ping the server by it's new name from the server it's self, I get

ping newservername.domain ( which is the correct ip address
64 bytes from oldservername.domain (

The server pings other names just fine so I do not believe it to be dns,
rather some file(s) on the server it's self. resolve.conf and hostname seem
to be correct.

any help???