Hi, I hope I'm asking in the right area.

  • OES 2/Linux, 64-bit
  • Quickfinder
    • novell-plugin-qfsearch-1.0.1-8
    • yast2-novell-quickfinder-2.13.3-35
    • quickfinder-server-5.0.0-46
    • quickfinder-engine-3.0.0-39
  • tomcat5-5.0.30-27.9
  • apache2-worker-2.2.3-16.9
  • apache2-2.2.3-16.9

QF creates a file-index from a local directory on an ext3-volume. This is our documentation-area, which should be searchable only by IT-staff. I have set the file-rights and ownerships as follows:

directories drwxr-x--- root www
files       -rw-r----- root www

I have LUM-(re)enbled the 'www'-group and added the IT-staff to the membership. LUM works well, since users can login using ssh. File-rights are applied and the users can browse the directories and read the files.

The index is created, all files are included and searchable by 'public', i.e. without logging in. It's also searchable, when logging in as root or any local user, which is a member of group 'www', but not when logging in as a LUM-user. I always get zero results back, when logged in to Quickfinder as a LUM-user.

Under 'Rights-based Search Results' I choosed 'Authorization checking: by Result Item' and 'Unauthorized hits filtered by: Search Engine'.

Am I missing something?

thanks in advance