I have a customer that has ZAM7.5 and is utilizing the "default option set" for his scanning. He just sent me an e-mail which I will share:

"I'm working on preparing for my audits and using Zen to look at software installed throughout the enterprise. Unfortunately, I'm being told that ZAM is not reporting all applications that show up in Add/Remove programs. I need to know if this is a shortcoming of the software or if we have something configured incorrectly. If it is a shortcoming, I'll need to purchase some other application to provide this information as I would not be able to trust my findings from ZAM (this would be disappointing).

If this is a shortcoming, can you tell me if there are plans to resolve this in a future release??"

What I need to know is what is included in the "default option set" scan? Can anyone give me a hand....I don't have a ZAM installation to look at....

Thanking you all in advance!