First, I want to say that Brainshare 2008 was awesome. You can't beat Meet the Expert night. It was great meeting Discussion Forum Sysops. I wish I could have had more time to visit more though and get to know the important lifeline resource with Novell services and products. I did get one snickerdoodle and it was very good.

Learned lots, brought home a lot of homework assignments. So, lots more to do to catch up.

Anyway, I had previously asked about what to do in Utah since I had extra days.

Overall the weather was great for outdoor activities.

Here is a list of things that I did and found them very enjoyable:
1. Zion National Park (drive is about 5 hours each way), but worth it
Part of experience is driving and seeing Utah scenery.
Stayed at lodge, expensive, but not fancy. But if you want to be hitting the trails
early then staying in the canyon may be best, esp when time is factor.
Walked some of the trails and was awed by the beauty of the canyons.
Dining room has beautiful view of canyons. Breakfast buffet was good.
2. Liberty Park - nice pond and lots of birds. (not far from Crystal Palace, but
you'd need a cab or car. Very relaxing!!!!
3. Tracy Aviary - Some resident birds, but also some migratory birds drop in.
Cost was $6, but worth it if you are a birder and for sure have your CAMERA.
This is located by Liberty Park.
4. Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge - FREE, 12 mile drive into refuge
Saw birds, I've never seen before and clusters of MANY birds.
If you are a nature lover and bird lover this is a event you can't miss.
5. Antelope Island
Second time that I've been and I saw different things this time.
Coyote, rabbits, owls, many different kinds of birds, buffalo and antelope.
6. Utah State Capital
Beautiful location of building. Must is taking a tour with tour guide. Learn how
the building was renovated to protect it from earthquakes. And learn a little
about UTAH history.

I hope I didn't forget anything, but if I did I'll add to post.

And overall UTAH people are very nice!!!! It has always been a joy for me to visit Utah. I love Utah and all of the scenery and people.

I had many more things on my list, but will have to try to do them next time I'm in Utah.

I did have my camera and got lots of awesome shots!!!!