hello out there

i post this a few minutes ago here in novell, but i think on wrong place. so i write it again...:-)

i'm working on solving a problem i have on my company. maybe anyone can help...

the enviroment:
i use in my company workstations with xp sp2 and zen 7 sp1 for software distribution and desktop management. the users login with there novell account and the dlu creates the user local on the workstation if not already there. the user is member of user group, that is configured by zen group policy.

my problem:
i have to grant user file access permission (full access) on one specific folder under c:\program files. this is where the application is installed. normally the users only have the right to read and execute, but
the reason why is that this application must have the ability to change/create some file.

i know some tools like cacls, xcacls fileacl...etc...
but with user rights they didn't work. ha ha ;-)

so i'm searching fr a solution using zen or maybe another 3rd party tool?
does anyone have an idea?

thanx for any advice