My NetStorage in OES2 Linux behaves very strange - works fine with
Firefox, works partially in IE and doesn't work via WebDAV at all.

I can connect, login, browse, download and upload files with Firefox.
In IE it sometimes show non-IE login window (Novell Security Services,
probably from NetIdentity although it isn't installed). Different
login window itself is not a problem but many times it has corrupted
tree name within it which causes bad login. Tree name is ARAJ-TREE and
in window is changed to AAA:-TREE.

But the main problem is with access via WebDAV - MS Web Folders,
Nautilus in SLED or other WebDAV clients. They connects but doesn't
accept user/pass!

One thing I noticed is changing link I typed in browser from
https://hostname/oneNet/NetStorage/ to

It is fresh installation of NetStorage without any config changes on
fully patched OES2 64bit.

Did someone encountered such problem?

Best regards,
Jacek Nienaltowski