have installed two zcm server, one as primary and one as a secondary primary server in a another location.
both server configured as collection, content and configuration servers, so both servers can manage clients and replicate all policies, configs and bundles to the other server
now, both servers should holding all informations from all servers. also have configured my server rules so clients in both locations going connected to the server located in their location.
i have read the zcm documentation about the server hierarchy and hope to understood all right . . . (somethings a little bit confused)
but, today i saw on my secondary primary server, there is no database installed. . . so, if my first primary server failed, how is the secondary server working without a database ?
a second point is, i have noticed, that during a reboot of my first primary server i cannot login into the secondary servers zcm page.
however, i think i have something misunderstood about zcm server hierarchy.

perhaps someone can help me to get clarity

thanks mario