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BrainBashers Common Answers
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Hi MichaelC,

March's contest ended early due to a vacation.

You came 1,688th in March's contest.

Don't forget you're a member of at least one league, simply log
in to see your league's results. Your answers were:

Name a springtime flower.
DAFFODIL [3rd, 'TULIP' was top]

Name a colour that has exactly 6 letters.
YELLOW [1st]

Name a species of elephant.

Name the number of towels you might use after having a shower/bath.
1 [1st]

Name a phobia.

Name a 5 letter word that ends in OCK.
CLOCK [1st]

Name something you might put onto a bird table as food.
NUTS [3rd, 'SEEDS' was top]

Name an ancient Greek god or goddess.
APHRODITE [2nd, 'ZEUS' was top]

Name an ancient Roman god or goddess.
MARS [4th, 'CUPID' was top]

Name a US state that borders Canada.
ALASKA [8th, 'WASHINGTON' was top]

The number in brackets shows the position of your answer,
e.g. 2nd means your answer was the second most popular.

"This is the curse of Jeff Murdoch. I meet the woman of my dreams and I
can't take my trousers off."