OK we have a Chinese ERP product that has the worst authentication. I
has no password management features so the users can use 1 character
passwords if they like. The auditors really don't like this. The only
authentication outside of the system that is supports is NT Domain
authentication. I had the idea of having NetWare host a PDC to allow the
users to login to this system without setting up an MS environment which
we have avoided until now.

So I setup the PDC on a NetWare 6.5 SP7 box. I had a bunch of problem
joining the domain. Now I have done this before at my headquarters but
it's a much smaller facility. I ended up setting up a WINS server on one
of my Windows boxes and that solved that problem.

I was able to probe that this will work with the application. That is
good for the auditors.

Now is the problem of very very slow logins.

Some machines take 10 seconds, some 1 minute and mine is about 5-7
minutes. I have been going through the internet and finding all kind of
articles on XP Pro and slow authentication. My god there is a lot of

I have tried:

1. turning of index services
2. Setting NodeType to P-Node
3. EnableLMHOSTS off
3. EnableDNS off
4. Always wait for the network at computer startup and login = enabled
5. I have created a DNS entry for the Domain name for each of my domain

I have read so many articles of problems users are having. Some talk
about slow speeds of transferring from the PDC but it's a NetWare server
and does not support roaming profiles.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

Also I have a group of users. Everytime they login Windows says that
there password has expired and that they need to reset it. They can't
reset it and it always locks their accounts in eDirectory because we are
set to lock after 3 failed logins. Any ideas about this?


John Jakus