Basically, here is the configuration:

GMS Server 2.0.3 and Secure gateway on Windows 2003.

The GMS server has a name that is "gms.internal.comp.com" (this is an
example, fake url).
The SG is "gms.comp.com" (in the DMZ) (this is an example, fake url)..

Ports from corporate network to DMZ are open (80,443,8865/tcp). We do not
use Push.
Ports from SG to GMS are open (80,443).

The SG on the DMZ is behind a reverse-proxy server that is supposed to route
requests from Internet to the SG (gms.comp.com).

TCPview shows that the connexion from GMS to SG (port 80) is ok.
The diag webpage of the SG shows me that the connexion from GMS is all

The problem is that I cannot reach the web page from Internet. In that case
I use https://gms.comp.com . I get a "500 Internal Server Error" on my
Of course, I cannot sync devices.
Devices that use cradle can sync, as they use the internal DNS name

From the SG I cannot get a login page if I try to go to
https://gms.internal.comp.com. On the address bar of IE I can see the
redirection to the login page, but the page is blank.

I suppose there is something's to do with the reverse proxy??? Or any Idea??
And what is the port 8865 for? I cannot see any open connexions using this

Also, when I force secure gateway to listen only to port 443, I get this
error on the log : Unexpected failure detected:SSLHandshakeException.
Anyway, this is not the main problem.