I'm having a problem with Leopard opening files under a particular
condition. If anyone else is using Leopard I'd like to hear whether you
can replicate the same problem.

Server: Netware 6.5ps6 (tried this on 3 different servers, all with same
service pack).
AFPTCP: 2.05.04
Mac: 10.5.0 and 10.5.2 (wasn't able to check 10.5.1).

On the Leopard Mac, mount the server and open a file and close. On any
other workstation whether it be Mac or PC, open the same file, modify
and save it. Try opening the file again on the Leopard Mac and it won't
open, giving a file not found error code.

I've found a few workarounds, such as dismounting the server and
remount, open/save a file in the same folder, copy the file to somewhere
else, or just using the detailed view in Finder to view a preview of
another file in the same folder.

If I load Terminal, I can VI the file no problem, it's just Finder that
refuses to open it, yet it will happily, rename and delete the file.

Now if I connect to a MacOSX server (10.4.11) over AFP I don't have the
same problem. So it looks to be a AFPTCP problem with Leopard.

I've also played around with the different AFP commands and am not
finding any love there.

Anyways, if anyone could test this or any thoughts would be great.