Appears to be a newish account/device, etc. Other devices with Push setup are working. Windows Error Log doesn't show any service interruptions. Anyone have an idea on the fix?

04/01/2008 10:44:04 AM - Synchronization started
Sync Session
Connection type: wireless
Device name: jr8141
Sync via: Sync (Client push)
Duration: 00:34
Bytes In/Out: 1162 / 2101 (note that actual over-the-air count is higher)
Wireless Email
Duration: 00:33
Service was interrupted on Mobile Gateway server(0x1002).
SyncMail (Drafts) (no changes)
SyncMail (Inbox) (1 sent)
SyncMail (Outbox) (4 sent)

Sure would like to find an error message reference for this application. :-(