Gee, it seems once you remove the agent you can no longer login normally on a Netware 6.5 server. I had two systems that were borderline on the requirements, but decided to use them to test ZCM. Had the agents installed on both (Pentium 3-733MHz processors, 512MB RAM), and they did OK for the most part. Every once and a while they would hang up after an update and a reboot, and I would have to hard power them down and then back on. Decided it wasn't worth trying more testing on these two units after having to power off every single day after an update. So, I uninstalled the agent and rebooted the systems. At first, neither system would login from the Novell client screen. You'd enter the correct credentials, click on OK, and the cursor would change to the "N" to make you think it was trying to login, then after a few seconds disappear. Eventually I figured out to login workstation only, then use the red N in the task tray to connect, and that was OK. On one of the systems, I uninstalled the CASA (which didn't get uninstalled originally), thinking this was the issue, rebooted the system, and now that one can logn in normally as it did prior to the agent install. The other system, however, still has problems with the login, even with CASA gone, and I have to login workstation only then connect with the task tray N. It just will not work normally.

I've heard others having similar issues after uninstalling the agent. Any way to fix this, other than totally blowing away the client (uninstalling it) and then reinstalling it?