boss has an old dryer that he's giving to me to help me save
money. But I need to buy my own washer, so I'm thinking about buying one
of those new front loaders. So...I'm not sure if I should just go ahead
and buy a set and just get both the washer and dryer as they should be
design to work together, right? Or if I should just buy the washer and
use the old dryer.

What do you guys think? I'm not sure what's the advantage of buying a
newer dryer. I was told the newer ones has a sensor to detect whether
the clothes are dry yet or not. But I'm not sure if that's necessary and
if the old dryer will be able to just dry everything anyways.

Another sales person told me to buy a new dryer because my old dryer
won't be able to handle the load of my washer and I'd have to split up
my loads to dry, and be using double the energy.

I don't know~~~~~!