We are planning to migrate our OES2 clusters from an HP-Open_E to HSV san.
We have tested the NSS mirroring to replica the data onto the new san LUNs
and that seems to work fine.

On the old san we have NSS pools that have been extended by adding 3 or 4
partitions (read LUNs) together (usually 1 partition takes the complete

Now we noticed on the new san that we can create 1 LUN and extend in size.
So we created 1 new Big LUN and mirrored 3 partitions from 3 LUNs to 3
partitions on 1 Big LUN.

We like the idea of consolidating 3 LUNs into 1, but wonder if this is
really the way to go, and we don't want to invite trouble in the future.

Does anyone have some recommendation or comments on this approach? Are we
setting ourselves up for a future headache?