I have the following problem.

Some users have remote access to the mailbox and library. If a new
document is created the link to the document is correctly created in
the remote mailbox. If the user tries to open or view this document he
is prompted to download it from the master mailbox. If he does this,
the document never arrives in his remote mailbox. The activity log on
the master copy of the document shows "version downloaded to remote"
but the file itself cannot be found anywhere in the remote mailbox.

Old documents, which where created earlier are viewable and open-able,
but they are not updated if the master copy changes - it is only
possible to update the master copy with changes from the remote copy.

Before updating POA and clients to 7.0.3 it seems to have worked.

Anybody having simlar issues - or a solution for this?

W. Prindl