This is just started to happen the past three weeks, two abends and the same error message.

We're experiencing a problem where our primary file server abends on weekends. It seems to happen only on weekends, and usually aroung the 9:00 o'clock hour at night.
The abends we are getting are not recorded in the abend.log or in the SYS$err.log, they dump to the screen, and the server locks up solid. Once we power the server off and back on everything seems to work fine. No high CPU utilization, no error message on boot up, etc...

The screen says something along the lines of this: (Message copied from the screen by hand, so it may not be exactly correct.)
Multiple Abends on Processor 0
EAX 00000030 ECX 2c19a424 ESI 00127683 ESP B9EE05BD EIP 00106512
EBX 2C89A234 EDX 00000031 EDI 000000A EBP aje68bf

00106512 LOADER.NLM: WaitForSpinLock+62 0029bb23 SERVER.NLM: EventReport+257
0010633d LOADER.NLM: kspinlock_patch+76 0029bbd9 SERVER.NLM: EventReport+30d
00ECB4B4 PERC2.HAM: PERC2.HAM(Code)+4b4 0029bb6d SERVER.NLM: EventReport+2a1
00ECFYAF PERC2.HAM: PERC2.HAM(Code)+44Af 00113286 LOADER.NLM: kSpinUnlockRestore+26
(lots more similar stuff, various SERVER.NLM. LOADER.NLM, DS.NLM, and CONNMGR.NLM messages)

Server info is:
Netware 6.5 SP5
Server version 5.70.05
Novell edirectory SMP
NDS version 10552.79

I run a full weekly backup on Saturday and differential during the week. In looking at the Backup exec logs, for the past three weeks, every other Full backup has failed due to connection lost with the server during the backup.

I still suspect some connection between the backup (Backup Exec 10.0) and these problems. I have opened a support call with Dell and Novell. Dell does not see anything with the controller. Novell without a abend log will not help.
I have also had BE cause a number of issues with OFM and they have had use change different NLM's. BE will not talk without a useable ABEND.LOG file, I'm having problems getting anything I can use to identify the cause.

Any suggestions?