I am trying to kick of an unattended disk defrag at night. I created "Scheduled Action Policy" for XP that I added to an workstation policy (.CN=PC Maintenance-WP.OU=Policy.O=ICPL) and associated it with a test workstation object (SY-EAUDIO). If I am logged in to NDS then the task shows up in the Zenworks scheduler on the local workstation just fine and defrag runs on schedule. If I logout (but do not power off) and login to the workstation as Administrator, the task stays in the scheduler and again defrag kicks off at the scheduled time.

However, if I reboot the PC and immediately login as Administrator, I see that the Zenworks scheduler is blank, and defrag never starts a scheduled runs.

If I setup a task locally on the pc using the Zenworks scheduler (wmsched) there is an option to make the scheduled task "persistent", which means that it will stay scheduled even after a reboot. Sure enough, that seems to work just fine.

In the "Advanced Settings" of the Policy Scheduler in Console One, there is supposed to be a tab that will let me set the action to be persistent for all associated workstations. We seem to have every "Advanced" tab except this one. When I check the help screen in Console ONe for information on the Scheduler, the "Persistent" tab is mentioned along with the others. It is also mentioned in the documentation at Novell. Attached are images that I took from Novell and an image that I took from our system.

I have downloaded the ZEN 7 SP1 snapins and tried them.

Any help would appreciated.


Curt Winterboer
EnCompass Iowa, LLC