Hi to all,

I have some Performance issues with a Vista Workstation reading or writing
files on my Netware 6.5 servers.

For example, it takes more than 10 seconds to load a small Excel sheet
(180Kb). Reloading the same file a second time takes less than 1 sec !

It's the same on any volumes or any servers.
I tried to enable or disable the cache on the Netware client, disable the
opportunistic locking in the registry, but unsuceesfully.

Servers are runing Netware 6.5 with the latest service pack.
Volume are all NSS.
Workstation is running Vista Business SP 1 with Netware client 1.0 Update 4.
The problem doesn't occur on other workstations running XP.

Thanks for any help.

Thierry Le Floch