I have just migrated a server from a Dell PE2900 to the PE2900 III model for more speed and hard drive space. before the server was running 6.5.7 with Edirectory and the zenworks 7sp interm release 1 modules. and a single Nic. everything was fine then.

now the server is a 6.5.7 with edirectory 8.8.2 with the field test patch 1 and Zenworks 7 sp1 interm release 1 hotpatch 2 modules. with dual nics configured with the same IP for load balancing. I noticed that the PXE booting take much longer to run than before. before I hold the CTRL / ALT keys for the menu and it would come up very quickly, and now it takes at least 20 or longer to come up.

I also been having trouble with Iprint not working half the time due to I believe a failure to communicate with edirectory. I have another server running edirectory 8.8.2 with the field test patch 1 and it performs just fine but with same iprint issues at times.

I'm wondering if Edirectory 8.8.2 is giving me trouble or is the ZEN7sp ir1hp2 modules giving me trouble. I will attempt to down grade these files to just the interm release 1 with no hot patch.