We have a high profile user whose calendar appts are changed frequently in
Either the appt time or just the subject is changed.

Some of these calendar items are not getting updated at all in Intellisync
Mobile Suite and therefore are not updated on the PDA.

Some appointments are deleted in GROUPWISE do not get deleted in GMS.

Intellisync Mobile Suite
Server Version:
Client Pack Version:

Pocket PC 2003 Audiovox 6600
GROUPWISE 7.0.3 3/3/08 Build 976

We have re-created the user in GMS, Ran GWCheck on user and
Reinstalled GMS on the Pocket PC 2003 Audiovox 6600.

This users mailbox is fairly large.

Any ideas would be helpful.



BTW. We are moving to MS Exchange 2007 by the end of the year (so sad).