Hi all,

On our GW server (GW6.5.7 domain, PO, gwia, webacc on NW 6.5.7) we've
had ongoing problems with the server going belly up during the backup.
We were on Backup Exec 9.1. I recently upgraded the OS to sp7 (from sp5)
to address an apache/tomcat issue (webacc belly up), and now have the
added bonus of the server dying with multiple abends the last two nights
in row during the backup, and nothing written to the abend.log.

I've upgraded BE to 9.2 (I've seen mention of 10.0 here, but Symantec's
site says 9.2 is the latest for NW, 10.0 is MS only), and applied the
comn.nss patch, so we'll see for tonight.

My question is, I've see several people comment on not using OFM at all.
For those who do this, how are you backing up GW? Shutting it down every
night? Using gwbackup/dbcopy?


Len Bonk
Network Analyst
Community Unit School District 200