Well, I've finally gotten back to work on the office web site and it's
going pretty good. I've opted for a simple design adhering to strict
xhtml 1.1 code. So far it's all working great except in IE.

IE 7 mainly breaks the layout and at the moment I'm of the mind to not
fix it. So far the site works on IE 8b, Firefox 3b, Firefox 2, Opera
9.5b, Safari 3.1 for Windows.

The only reason I'm not feeling inclined to fix it for IE is because IE
8, to my understanding, will be available on Windows XP (probably as a
forced upgrade). The other reason is because I'm lazy and I really
don't want to spend a bunch of time fixing this or that and breaking my
adhesion to the W3C recommendations. And I'm assuming that the site
probably isn't going to be visited all that heavily anyway.

When it gets closer to time I will decide if I need to fix the broken
layouts. Until then full steam ahead.
Matthew - The Great System Tyrant