I am new to Zen and installing on a new Windows Server 2003 using SQL 2005 as the database. Install Zen 10.0.1 without problems. Go to System Update, download, authorize, and Aplly 10.0.2 update to all devices (only one server and one client so no need to stage).

It runs for about 30 minutes and then it lists a 1 under Failed and that is the server (it also lists a 1 under sucessful and that is the one client.)

When I go to the message log on the server, it has the same 3 errors over and over 114 times. They are:
  1. The handler [NULL] was not found
  2. Cound not find a Handler associated with the followinh type: Ins
  3. <GUID>[NULL]:HandlerNot Found:NoRegist

Any ideas where to start? I rebooted the server, cleared the update, and started again with no luck. I have not tired the manual update mentioned in a TID yet.

Kevin Stephenson
Muscle Shoals, AL