I thought I would try this as a new post as we thought we had the problem
figured out, but we don't. We are running zfd7ir2 on NW65 sp6 and are
having issues imaging to different size drives. We have a sysprep image
that we deploy to Dell GX260 and GX280 computers. We have an extended
partition for antivirus in the image.
Most of the computers came with 40Gig hard drives, but some of the hard
drives have been replaced with 80Gig drives. I created the image on a GX280
with an 80Gig drive. According to TID 10053996, the Basic Mode of Operation
is to restore the image to the original size or shrink to fit the current
hard drive. The problem is that when deploying to a smaller drive (40Gig),
the process shows as completed, but has an error stating that there was not
enough space to create the extended partition. If I edit the image and
shrink the size of the partition down so the total will fit on the 40Gig
drive, the image deploys correctly to the 40Gig computers and deploys the
extended partition correctly, but the workstations with 80Gig drive end up
with 40Gig of unpartitioned space. To get around this, I created a scripted
image to delete and recreate the partitions using a % of disk space, then
restore the archive partition to the physical partition.

The problem that I have is I cannot multicast the scripted image as there is
not an option to multicast a scripted image. So, is there a certain
percentage that the disk will shrink to a smaller drive? The amount of data
in the actual image is far
less than 40Gig total. Is there an issue with having the extended partition?
If imaging worked as stated in TID 10053996, I would be fine, but that is
not the case.