I have NW 6.5 SP6 serve4rs and am attempting to use the BASH shell for some scripted file operations. Using Novell Documentation

as a reference, I am stuck pretty much on step 1. It says there:

Creating Mount Points to Access NetWare Volumes

The BASH shell on NetWare uses POSIX style directory syntax similiar to Linux* when specifying pathnames. The foreward slash character (/) is a path separator. The backslash character (\) is not a path separator. Volume names may not be used to specify the location of files or directories (that is, it is invalid to type cd sys:/system). The sys: volume is specified by an initial foreward slash (/) in the path (for example, cd /system). To access other volumes at the BASH prompt, you must set up a pathtab file.

To set up this file, modify (or create) sys:/etc/pathtab, placing each mount point and volume on a line similar to the following:

[POSIXPath] [NetWare Path]

For example:

/vols/data data:\
/mystuff data:\users\username
/remote RemoteServer\sys:\subdir
/vol1 VOL1:\

The first example mounts the data volume to /vols/data in BASH, the second example mounts the users\username folder to /mystuff in BASH, and so on. In these examples, the directories /vols/data, /mystuff, /remote, and /vol1 must exist in the root of the sys: volume.

Emphasis added. I created the indicated sys:/etc/pathtab file and cannot mount or cd to any of the defined volumes. Here is what I have:

/vols/sys	sys:\
/vols/data	data:\
/vols/backup	data:\backup\
I do not understand the statement "the directories ... must exist in the root of the sys: volume". The /vol/sys map obviously exists on the sys: volume, but I cannot mount it. I get

Volume VOLS/SYS could NOT be mounted. Some or all volume segments
cannot be located. If this is an NSS volume, the pool may need
to be activated using the command nss /poolactivate=poolname.
In Remote Manager my _admin, sys, and data volumes are activated. When I look at Partition Disks, the SYS and DATA volumes appear under SYS and DATA pools respectively.

Can you help fill the gap in my understanding?