We have an Equallogic iSCSI SAN where we store our GW data. I have
configured the snapshot functionality to be take an image of the EVMS data
volume once a day.

I have a need to mount one of those snapshots and access the volume's
contents without taking the live volume offline. Using iSCSI, I can easily
connect to the SAN from another server (not the one servicing the live
volume) and connect to the device so that is shows up in Linux as /dev/sdc.

Now I want to manually mount that volume (it is formatted in REISER).
However, the standard mount command doesn't work (can't recognize the file
system). I tried using EVMSGUI and the container is there, but it thinks
it is actively being managed by the live server.

Does anyone know how I can mount this snapshot of the EVMS volume on one
Linux server without risking damage to the other volume or cluster? I
thought I had done this in my pilot testing successfully, but now I can't
remember how I made it happen.


Curtis Spears
Northwest Nazarene University