I have posted earlier about PXE boot taking a long time to go.

I'm noticing that when I assign a computer an image through console one, nothings happens. PXE will go as far to this error message which takes between 15 seconds to a minute to display "server did not respond as requested in time"

initially I have migrated the server to a NW 6.5.7 with edir 8.8.2. I reinstalled ZEN7sp1 after migrating the server and patched to zen7 sp1 ir1 hp2a.

the only way the system will work is if I go to the computer boot to PXE hold the "CTRL" and "ALT" keys, and choose automatic it will go. I recreated the server policy package similar to another server.

I have reinstalled ZENworks serveral times and other things.

Thanks in Advance