I would like to be able to customize the GroupWise Messenger 2.0 client preferences for the MAC OS version, in the same way the Windows Client can be customized using the setup.cfg file.

The main reason is to populate the server and port fields so they don't need to be entered in by the end user.

There is an info.plist file available in the expanded nvlmsgr.zip file, however there are no settings for the server or port, and no key syntax for those settings.

Unfortunately, a common preferences file is created on the MAC client after the first successful login, this would cause problems if I were to customize this as other applications might already be using this file ... ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.java.util.prefs.plist (besides, the file is coded or something, preventing changes made using a text editor)

I'm sure there must be a simple setting available, perhaps someone from Novell would be able to say what the method is ?

thanks in advance,