I've been having problems recently in getting AT&T/Cingular customers on GMS. I've tried SMS install messages which don't work. It seems when selecting from the carrier list that it wants to go to either @mobile.mycingular.com or @mmode.com, depending on whether you select 'Cingular' or 'Cingular (former AT&T customers) from the drop-down. If I send regular email messages to the @mobile.mycingular.com, it works.

Alternatively, I tried using email and the @txt.att.net domain, which, according to AT&T's web site, is the proper address. Again, direct emails to the phone at this address works, but GMS-generated messages don't arrive.

One user has a smartphone and I should be able to get her to work by going to the http://mygmsserver/install from the phone. However, the other user is trying to set up his phone as an Alert device (it's not a smartphone).

I was able to use the Admin console and login to the web site as the user wanting the Alert device and add his device manually without confirmation message. However, he doesn't get any messages.

My questions are:
1) Does anyone else have these issues with AT&T / Cingular? If so, were you able to get around them?

2) How can I add an Alert device when SMS/text and email confirmation messages are failing?

FYI, I did search the forums to no avail as well as looked through the documentation.