NW65SP6, BM39 using TP ..

We have started using Postini spam control. Users get a digest of
filtered email, then click a release button to release a needed email.

What occurs is that the browser loads but then hangs loading the page.
If the user refreshes the page, it loads and the email is delivered. If
the user cancels the load, leaves the browser running and clicks the
release button in the email again, it will load correctly, but if the
browser is closed, the next attempt to release will hang.

Occasionally, the first attempt to release will work off the bat.

We added a packet filter for the postini server, no difference. We added
the postini domain as a non-cached URL, no difference. (In any case, the
URL contains a question mark and URLS containing '?' are not cached by

The postini release URL takes the following form:


We don't have issues with other HTTPS sites, just this one.

Any ideas?

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School