I have three Netware 4.11 servers. The documents say to run dsrepair prior
to migrating.

I did this for my first server (FS01), which holds the master replica, and
all was clear- time, sync, etc. That server is now upgraded to 6.5.7,
running fine, however, it complains that it can not communicate with one of
the remaining 4.11 servers (FS02).

I am preparing to migrate FS02 this weekend. When I run dsrepair on it, I
get -625, -632, & -641. When I check time sync however, it is fine.

I found TID 10069269 which seems to explain the -632. But it seems I have
other problems.

For the -625 I followed 10022144, but when I get to :

4. NW 4.x in the advanced options menu, choose View remote server ID list |
ENTER on any server listed | Verify all remote server IDs.

The FS01 does not show up.

DS trace screen has WARNING! Attempt to add [01000148] <FS01.YES> with base
class (Unknown) to serv
r list. And of course the failure to communicate.

Do I need to clear up these problems before I migrate my second server?