In our organization, required Asset Inventory fields for tracking devices are:
- Department
- Location

For Department field, we use the field built into the system. For the Location field, we have a User Defined field named Location.

In ZCM, I've configured both fields in the Collection Data Form for the Zone with the following settings:
Required, Editable, Character, List

For the Department I had to hand enter the list items from the Collection Data Form configuration page in ZCC, since there is no option to import a list for a System Defined field.

For the Location list, I was able to import a list on creation of the field.

Here's the problem:
When entering the collection data for a device from the ZAA tasktray icon, the Department list shows up correctly and in completion.

However, when entering the collection data for a device within ZCC, from the Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory by choosing "Edit" the Department list is empty. You can manually enter data in the field, but the information that is configured in the list for the zone's Collection Data Form is not present.

If you manually enter data into the Department fields on multiple devices, that information shows up as the list for the Department field on any device.

For example, I manually enter "Accounting", "Sales" into the Department fields of "Device1", "Device2" respectively.

When viewing the Department list from Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory on any device I would see "Accounting" and "Sales" in the list, but the other Departments that were defined for the Collection Data Form department field list are not listed.

If I view a device inventory from the ZAA I would see all the departments, not just "Accounting" and "Sales."

It seems that the ZAA is querying the entire list, whereas the Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory web form is only querying values that have been previously entered for currently inventoried devices.

Can anyone else verify this bug with lists in system defined fields?