We have a central Groupwise-Server on Netware 6.5 Sp6.
Since today we can't ping the router/firewall in the this network from this server. Ttherefore all the remote-postoffices/domains have no mail-traffic.

But we can ping from this Netware al other servers/devices in this network.
Also the Router/Firewall is pingable form any other host.

- We checked it with arp -a -> the mac-Adress is O.K.
- We turned off also all the switches in this site -> it does not help
- From the router/firewall we can ping the GW-Server, but we can't ping
in the other direction.
- We tested the ping with a spare switch, only connect this two devices,
but the ping was not possible

How can i resolve this issue ?

Beat Brunner